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CANNY KLB Hospital elevator series
Bearing life & fulfilling mission;
Inheriting the continued tender feelings.


Customized for the sites of hospitals
Given the particularity of hospitals, CANNY KLB hospital elevator makes special design in functions, to render more sense of safety to the elder people, children and patients.
Space : the super large lift car space of 1.4m*2.4m*2.4m and super large capacity makes the stretchers in and out freely.
Materials of Lift Car : completely environment-friendly materials without any peculiar smell and pollution.
Elevator use functions for the handicapped (optional): CANNY hospital elevator puts the needs of calling demand of the handicapped into consideration by prolonging the door opening time and makes it more convenient.
Voice Announcement (optional) : voice instruction, which provides convenience for the blind and the elderly whose hearing is impaired or degenerated.
Design of the Landing door : three different designs of the landing gates including opening from the side, opening from the middle and the run-through between the front and the back, meet the requirements of different architectural structures.

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