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Canny Elevator Witnessed Indian Train Station Putting Into Operation Successfully
Author:CANNY   Published:2015-07-08  Read:1743

Recently, the Indian Railway Station held the opening ceremony for railway line from ITO to Mandi House. Major government officials participated in the event & rode on Canny escalators onsite. That day, the first 12 units of Canny heavy duty public-transport escalators were put into operation successfully.

Railway station projects are India’s important public transport infrastructure constructed to ease India's rapid growing local population flow. At the beginning of the project, considering the complex local running conditions, Canny Elevator prepared a comprehensive plan for the whole process with safety in mind, covering product design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning & maintenance. With strong collaborative joint efforts, Canny has successfully provided secure transportation service for Indian train projects & made another satisfactory contribution to the railway transportation field.

Indian elevator market’s increasing favor for Canny proves the advanced product & reliable technology of Canny Elevator again & again. Canny will always keep improving its service to lead India forward through the modernization process & forge Chinese Elevator Br& into a leading supplier & service provider in the world.

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