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CANNY won the "2018 China Enterprise Management Special Contribution Award"
Author:CANNY   Published:2018-11-15  Read:588

During November 3rd~5th 2018, The 27th Sino-Foreign Management Seminar was held in Beijing. The seminar has the longest historical standing and the reputation of the top high-end business Management Forum that was attended by the high - level officials of the Chinese government, the prominent Sino-Foreign scholars and the outstanding company representatives like Haier, Microsoft, Great Wall motor and CANNY whose vice president Mr. Richard Zhu was invited to the theme Forum to make the keynote speech.

The Sino-Foreign Management seminar for Official ,Industry and University has successfully held 27 sessions and it is the earliest and most successful annual forum for management in mainland China. The participants has included the Ministry of Commerce of China, the Ministry of Finance of China, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the central Bank of China and other government agencies and Japanese entrepreneurs Rice Inamori, Haier chairman Zhang Ruimin, IBM, Microsoft, Boeing,Huawei and other world-renowned corporate executives.

CANNY Vice president Mr. Richard Zhu‘s theme forum speech

CANNY won the " 2018 China Enterprise Management Special Contribution Award” , as one of the winners of the 10 well-known Chinese enterprises like the Haier, Huawei, Vanke in 2018 and the 14th session of the "Management of China" overall selection, after the real name voting and the comprehensive assessing from the multi-dimensions of the enterprise brand influence, the sustainable growth, the management capacity and the operating results, by the 11 management scholars that currently are China's most cutting-edge, most authoritative and most independent.

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