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KoELSA's president & CEO Dr. Kim Young-Kee visit CANNY Elevator Headquarters
Author:CANNY   Published:2018-05-17  Read:968
On May 9th, during the 2018 China International Elevator Exhibition, Dr. Kim Young-Kee, president & CEO of Korea Elevator Safety Agency (KoELSA) in charge of the elevators’ safety inspection on behalf of Korean government, and his team of around 60 members visited the headquarters industry park of CANNY, Chinese leading brand.

KoELSA team looked around the corporate showroom and ultra-large intelligent manufacturing workshop, then boarded the world’s tallest elevator testing tower with the height of 288 meters by the 10m/s super speed elevator and took the 50-meter super high heavy duty public traffic type escalator

During the communication with CANNY management, Dr. Kim Young-Kee and his team carefully listened to the introduction of CANNY's business scale and development status and subsequently watched the promotion video of the Zhangjiajie Mt. Tianmen Panorama Tunnel escalator that won the first prize of the "2015 Annual Elevator World Engineering Award". And two sides discussed in depth about the status of CANNY’s 6 Sigma quality management.

Dr. Kim Young-Kee was deeply shocked by the achievements and speed of CANNY’s development. He expressed his full affirmation of the leading position of CANNY in China's elevator industry and its long-term contribution to the Korean market, and wished CANNY to make greater achievements in urban public transportation.

▲Dr. Kim Young-Kee (4th from left) and his team’s photograph in front of CANNY

As the key escalator supplier of Korean public transportation market, CANNY has supplied over 1000 unit public traffic type escalators since 2006. This visit made Korea's elevator safety inspection agency feel close to the new height and new speed of CANNY’s leading the Chinese elevator industry. It is of great significance to further enhance the image of China Manufacturing and the brand influence of CANNY Elevator in the Korean market.

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