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2018 China brand value evaluation list releases authoritatively that, CANNY Elevator ranks the first among Chinese elevator industry
Author:CANNY   Published:2018-05-17  Read:1009

On May 9th, under the guidance of State Administration for Market Regulation, the 2018 China Brand Value Evaluation Press Conference was jointly held by China Brand Construction Promotion Association and China International Trade Promotion Committee in Shanghai. The conference has published the top 50 of multi industry and field from four aspects, such as enterprise brand, product brand, regional brand and independent innovation brand, which covering 1346 enterprises and 718 brands. CANNY Elevator ranks the first among Chinese elevator industry with the brand value of USD 10.9 Billion, and its brand value has increased by 57% over the last evaluation.

Chen Gang, a member of leadership of State Administration for Market Regulation, and Gerhard, an international famous brand expert, attended and addressed the conference. Liu Pingjun, chairman of the international standard organization of brand evaluation technical committee (ISO/TC289) and China Brand Construction Promotion Association issued a keynote speech. More than 800 people attended the meeting, including the leaders of the various ministries and commissions of National government, Quality Supervision Bureau, enterprises and media representatives.

The conference also invited outstanding Chinese enterprise representatives to share the successful experience. Richard Zhu, vice president of CANNY Elevator, as the sole representative of Chinese elevator industry, expounded the management way of high-end brands from the brand shaping angle. Technology drive, quality assurance and customer centered service concept are the key factors.

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