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CANNY ELEVATOR successfully won Fuzhou Metro Line 2
Author:CANNY   Published:2018-02-28  Read:969

Recently, CANNY ELEVATOR continues its outstanding performance in domestic and overseas rail transit market and has successfully won 128 units of elevators and escalators in Fuzhou Metro Line 2 project.

The total length of Fuzhou Metro Line 2 is 30.6KM, which .plays an important role in relieving the traffic pressure, guiding and consolidating urban development.

Featured in harsh operating environment and long time heavy load transportation requirement, rail transit project builds high threshold on technology and market, of which most elevator companies can’t not set foot in. As Top 10 World Elevator Manufacturer and leader of China National Elevator Industry, Canny achieves outstanding performance in rail transit segment market with its enormous strength. CANNY has won over 70 public traffic projects in domestic and overseas airport, railway station, metro, bus station and so on, covering mainland cities like Suzhou, Shenzhen , Guangdong, Chengdu, Chongqing, Changsha, Xi‘an and some foreign capitals such as Seoul, New Delhi, Jakarta and Mexico.

Benefiting from long-term technology R&D, accumulation of engineering service experience and leading application of internet remote control, CANNY ELEVATOR has grown into a top expert of solving mass transportation problem in the rail transit field, and became the most well-known and competitive Chinese brand in domestic and overseas rail transit market.

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