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CANNY ELEVATOR Shines in INTERLIFT 2017 and Shows Charm of Top 10 of Global Elevator Manufacturers
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-10-30  Read:1441

Germany International Lifts, Parts and Accessories Expo (INTERLIFT 2017) –One of the world’s most influential lift expos was held in Karachi Expo Centre of Augsburg City from 17th to 20th Oct, 2017, attracting many well-famous companies in the world elevator realm to participate in this great event. As Top 10 of World Elevator Manufacturers, with the leading of President Mr. Wang Youlin and Vice-president Mr. Zhu Ruihua, CANNY ELEVATOR joined this expo for the sixth time, showing the charm of China Elevator Brand to the world.



INTERLIFT is held every two years, till now consecutive 13 have been held, which is the biggest and greatest elevator industry expo. More than 500 elevator manufacturers, processors, parts suppliers and other auxiliary products’ suppliers from over 40 countries gathered Augsburg, mainly showing over 100 innovative products and deeper technology development, forecasting the new trend of industry development. It has been the indicator of global elevator technology and usage, attracting hundreds of thousands of professional visitors from the world to visit and exchange.


CANNY ELEVATOR has paid high attention to the market development of Europe and surrounding regions. It is the first China National Brand to join INTERLIFT and develop Europe market, which already has made a certain market influence in this area. For this expo, with the glory of “Top 10 Global Elevator Manufacturers” and “20 Years Anniversary”, CANNY ELEVATOR has launched many China leading and alongside global leading-edge products – 10m/s high-speed elevator, 5 m/s heavy-duty panorama lift, 50m high heavy duty public esc, 20m high esc without middle support, super-long and super-wide auto-walking and other cutting-edge products. World’s highest 288m testing tower has fully showed CANNY super-premium R&D strength. All of these have helped Canny become the most glaring Chinese company once again in this expo, attracting many professional visitors to come and exchange.




For many years, CANNY ELEVATOR adheres to the concept “Based on the China, Serve the World”, and continuously develops the overseas market, which has become the first-choice China elevator brand for Russia, Iran, South Korea, South Africa, South Asia, South-East Asia, Latin America market. In INTERLIFT 2017, CANNY ELEVATOR showed the profiles of “No.1 of China National Brand” and “Top 10 of Global Elevator Manufacturers”. Through this expo, the international influence of Canny brand has been further enhanced, which will promote Canny strategy – World Brand, Leading in China to a higher level.


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