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Grand Ceremony of CANNY ELEVATOR 20th Anniversary Celebration & New Product Launch Conference
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-10-10  Read:1435
On Sep.26, CANNY ELEVATOR 20th Anniversary Celebration & New Product Launch Conference and Test Tower Inauguration Ceremony have been successfully held in Suzhou City. Over 500 guests from government, industry associations, domestic & overseas clients and media had witnessed this significant moment.

CANNY President Mr. Wang Youlin


CANNY Vice President & Marketing and International Business Executive Director Mr. Zhu Ruihua

The newly built CANNY ELEVATOR Test Tower with main structural height 288m, of which 268m above ground, has broken the world maximum height record of elevator test tower, became the landing mark building in Suzhou city, created “China Height, World Height, World Speed” in China National Elevator Industry, and carried CANNY confidence and dream in vying for power in world elevator markets.  

As the important place for testing of elevators and components, elevator test tower has the main functions of simulating elevator running conditions, testing technical & safety performance of new elevator product, and locating potential flaws and dangers before putting into market, thus providing basis for improving product design, therefore elevator test tower is the basic platform for the renovation and improvement of elevator product. CANNY ELEVATOR tower owns 9 shafts, can test supper high speed elevator with maximum speed up to 21m/s. It is not just a symbol of enterprise strength, but also represents CANNY ELEVATOR’s ultra strong R &D ability and high-grade high-precision advanced test capacity.

In the celebration ceremony and new product launch conference, CANNY ELEVATOR has released its latest self-independently innovated achievements: 10m/s super high speed elevator, 5m/s panorama elevator, 50m rise supper high rise (outdoor) heavy-duty public traffic escalator and 20m/s intermediate support-free escalator. The newly launched products have filled the Chinese technical gaps in the field of supper high speed elevator, supper rise escalator and supper long moving walk. At the same time, they marked the leading position of CANNY ELEVATOR enterprise technical level and R & D strength in Self-owned brand innovation.

On Sep. 26th night, CANNY ELEVATOR meticulously prepared a splendid variety show at CANNY head quarter. The variety show has gained wide attention and attracted nearly 5000 audiences to the scene. Over 100,000 audiences watched the show through internet live video broadcast, with total click rate to 300,000.

The show is of high-level and collection of stars, hosted by Chinese famous hostess Zhoutao (Won the Best Host “Gold Crown” awarded by German National TV Broadcast in 1999 ), sung by Chinese popular singer David Jiang (China National First Level Actor and 20th Century Most Influential Musician, honored as “Chinese Luciano Pavarotti” ) and featured with professional music and dance troupes. It presented a sound, light and visual feast to all guests from home and abroad.

 “Elevators Lift Your Dreams”, CANNY ELEVATOR is taking the rise of national elevator as its duty, and continuously writes new colorful chapters in elevator industry.

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