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Chinese National Brand Enters the List of “2017 Global Elevator Manufacturer Top 10” for the First Time
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-09-29  Read:1487

Although the world and Chinese elevator markets have changed and adjusted in the past two years due to the fluctuations of the world’s economy and construction market, performance of major elevator manufacturers around the world has been fairly stable in 2016. Green media "ELEVATOR" magazine released the list "2017 global elevator manufacturer TOP10". Chinese national brand enters it for the first time, which is CANNY ELEVATOR. This list assesses comprehensively according to elevator related business sales revenue, enterprise growth, internationalization index, brand power, technical leadership, profitability and other important indicators.



P.S. In Chinese market,TOSHIBA, FUJITEC and HYUNDAI sales are lower than CANNY ELEVATOR. Hyundai's sales are only 16% of CANNY.

The most exciting is that Chinese National brand CANNY ELEVATOR enters into “Global elevator manufacturer TOP10” with its steady growth of development, globalization, brand power and many other aspects. This is also the first time that Chinese national elevator brand award it. In the past years, CANNY relies on her own solid work, studying international quality standard and advanced technology to improve elevator manufacturing quality step by step. She always regards independent innovation as the foundation of enterprise growth, and continuously using new technology to improve products quality, thus to support his brand. Without any doubt, when the elevator industry starts to integrate, CANNY will take this chance to utilize resources of global allocation in a broader space. She will grow up to be a good model for other independent Chinese brands based on his strategy of accumulation of talent, capital, supply chain, channels and other advantages of industrial factors. It is further strengthen Chinese independent elevator brand’s position in the global industry camp, and also reinforce Chinese brand sense of exist and influence all over the world.

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