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Big News! CANNY won 2017 China Influential Real Estate Supplier
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-08-18  Read:1278

On August 7th-9th, 2017, the 17th BoAo Real Estate Forum was successfully held in Hainan Province. As the top forum of real property in China, it attracts great public attention. Mr Zhu Zhongyi who is the China's former vice President of real estate industry association, professor Chen Huai who is from graduate school of Chinese academy of social sciences, famous economists Ba Shusong and Fan Gang and a dozen of experts and scholars etc., hundreds of bench-marking persons from the Chinese real estate enterprises, representatives from real estate supply chain and domestic mainstream media gathered to discuss the future development of Chinese real estate industry.

As an excellent representative of the Chinese elevator industry, CANNY ELEVATOR was invited to the forum, and with good performance and brand influence in the real estate industry, CANNY won the "2017 China Influential Real Estate Supplier".

BoAo real estate forum, founded in 2001 and successfully held sixteen times, is the top thoughtful forum of significant influence, broad participation and high authority.

As the first listed company in the Chinese elevator industry, CANNY attaches great importance to the development and maintenance of the relationship with real estate customers. CANNY, with the help of capital market forces, has improved enterprise comprehensive strength rapidly, built four intelligent manufacturing base covering the whole country and established more than 100 marketing service branches. CANNY has won the recognition from many large enterprises in term of brand influence, technology, quality, marketing management and engineering service. CANNY has established strategic cooperative relations with Chinese top 100 real estate enterprises including Country Garden, Greenland Group, WanDa real estate, RiseSun property, Sino-Ocean real estate. From 2013 to 2017, CANNY has been selected as preferred top ten elevator supplier of top 500 Chinese real estate enterprise (ranked seventh in 2017). CANNY is the model successfully implementing “real estate big customer strategy" in Chinese elevator industry.

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