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CANNY Won The Bidding Of Chengdu Metro Line 3
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-08-16  Read:1323

Recently, CANNY has another news of success in rail transit filed, the successful bidding of phase two and phase three projects of Chengdu Metro Line 3 with total 71 units of elevators and escalators (including 58 units of public traffic escalator and 13 units of elevators) .

Chengdu Metro line 3 is the main metro line of Chengdu Southeast and Northwest direction. South it starts from Shuangliu West High Speed Railway Station, north it reaches Chengdu new district. Phase one project was put into operation on July 32, 2017. Phase two and phase three projects are the north and south extension lines. Phase two project has a full line of 17.2km with 11 stations. Phase three project (north extension line) has a full line of 12.3km with 9 stations. Both phases are under construction stage and planned to put into operation in 2019.

CANNY Elevator has been contributing to many domestic and overseas mega rail transit project construction. Its enterprise comprehensive strength including technical level, production capacity, quality management and after sales service, has been widely approved in the rail transit field under highest standard and most stringent requirements, and becomes the No.1 product supplier and service provider in China. CANNY Elevator will take full strength in the cooperation with Chengdu rail transit construction, provide total solution and quality service including product design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, and build yet another classical reference project in China West Public Transportation Field.

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