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CANNY Elevator President Mr. Wang Youlin attends Australia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-04-07  Read:1500

During 22~24 March 2017, “Australia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum” was held in Sydney. Chinese Premier Mr. Li Keqiang and Australian Premier Malcolm Turnbull attended the cooperation Forum and made wonderful lecture. Nearly 500 people from political and business circles of China and Australia gathered together to discuss about the vision and path of deepening economic and trade cooperation between two countries.

In the theme lecture, Premier Li Keqing said, “At present, the steady growth of bilateral trade between China and Australia has not only brought tangible benefits to the two peoples, but also contribute to the steady growth of our economy. I hope the economic and trade relationship between our two countries will be more deeply and prosperously. Just like the flowers in the assembly room, the more they open the fruits are much bigger”.

Refer to the harvest of participating this summit forum, President Wang Youlin said,” the cooperation documents signed by the two countries’ leader involved in many areas. This is a big opportunity also a challenge for the developing Private Enterprise. We have the faith to cooperate with overseas about the major projects based on the good foundation of “ One Belt One Road”. We should go out and accelerate the development of overseas markets, and further enhance the company's global market share and brand influence”.

At present, CANNY Elevator has been established long-term agent cooperation network in 59 countries all over the world. Our products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Overseas trade performance has a rapid growth. In recent years, the company's export business in Southeast Asia, South Asia, South Korea, Russia and the Middle East has been rising rapidly, and also has achieved rapid development in Europe, America and Africa. CANNY Elevator will continue to make more efforts of international marketing intensity to accelerate the expansion of overseas markets, and to deepen comprehensive innovation, so that to solidly stride forwarder as a world brand.

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