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CANNY won JeJu Island's Gangjeong Port project --18 units of super long and super wide Moving Walk
Author:CANNY   Published:2017-02-07  Read:1595

Recent News from the CANNY International Business Center tells that CANNY successfully won the project of 18 units of super long and super wide moving walks at GangJeong port, Jeju Island, Korea. As the key supplier of Korean elevator and escalator market, CANNY creates another classic works in public transportation area.

Jeju, known as "Korea's Hawaii", is not only the the largest island of Korea but also a beautiful island that combines a natural landscape and cultural heritage.

Korea market is one of the CANNY earliest overseas market and CANNY has continued to focus on its developing and maintaining . CANNY has played the important role in the subway project of Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju and other major City since 2006 and occupied the significant share of the Korean market of escalator and elevator.

This time, CANNY will supply 16 units of 95-meter horizontal moving walkways and 2 units of 55-meter ones, both of the span of 1.4-meter to meet the requirements of large width, large flow and long distance transportation. The maximum transport distance is up to 150 m. This utilitarian and gorgeous project shows CANNY’s leading industrial technology.

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