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CANNY President Youlin Wong Attended The 2016 APEC Summit By Invitation —— Hearing Chairman Xi’s Speech At Site
Author:CANNY   Published:2016-12-06  Read:1596

At Peru local time Nov.17 to Nov.18, 2016, the highest level inter-government economic cooperation forum at Asian-Pacific region, the Asia-pacific economic cooperation organization summit forum (2016 APEC), was held at Lima capital of Peru. Canny President Youlin Wong was invited to attend the forum. As leading member of China Chamber of International Commerce, this is the second time that President Youlin Wong attends APEC directly after the 2015 APEC in Manila Philippines.



“High Quality Growth and Human Development” is theme of the summit. During the meeting, leaders, politicians and business elites from major economic entities in Asia-pacific region, discussed on regional economic integration, interconnection, global & regional economic development and other major issues.

President Youlin Wong said, “This APEC summit is very fruitful, and I deeply feel the charm of Chinese economy and enterprises transforming from Made In China to Created in China, then to China Leading. Moreover, this summit opened my eyes, presented to me the opportunity for Canny to be internationalized, and further increased my confidence and motivation in enterprise development. 2017 will be the 20th anniversary of Canny foundation. During this special year, Canny needs to not just continuously keep the stable enterprise growth, but also make bigger moves, improve comprehensive ability, and build a more competitive and vital enterprise.”

During the meeting, President Youlin Wong had warm and deep conversations with Mr. Zengwei Jiang Chairmen of China Chamber of International Commerce, Mr. Gensheng Niu founder of Mengniu Dairy Group, and other leaders and enterprises.



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