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Stride Forward Together with One Heart -- World Brand, leading in China -- Annual Global Agent Conference of CANNY Elevator for 2016
Author:CANNY   Published:2016-02-04  Read:1953
     On January 21 2016, CANNY Elevator's Annual Global Agent Conference for 2016 was held in Xishuangbanna. The Chairman of Board, Mr. Wang Youlin, Vice-precident and Execution President of Marketing, Media and International Business Center, Mr. Zhu Ruihua, Vice President and Execution President of Factory Operation Center and Chief Engineer, Mr. Zhang Lichun and all CANNY Management team, together with more than 500 agents from domestic and overseas markets, celebrated the success in 2015 and looked forward the achievement in 2016. Foreign agents are from Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Colombia, Republic Dominica, South Africa and India.

      Chairman of Board, Mr. Wang Youlin gave a stirring speech themed with 'Stride Forward Together with One Heart'

Mr. Wang Youlin

      In the past 2015, all agents cooperated with CANNY Elevator, have achieved industrial records and gained various honors. In the coming 2016, CANNY Elevator with all partners will make new splendid achievements.

      Mr. Zhu Ruihua, the Vice president, says in 2015 CANNY has achieved year-on-year growth against the weakening domestic and overseas markets. In 2016, CANNY will continuously upgrade comprehensive strengths in brand promotion, important projects in governmental procurement, public transportation infrastructure and overseas market, to lay a stable foundation to gain more share in elevator market for a long term.

Mr. Zhu Ruihua

    In the end of the conference, CANNY Elevator encouraged and rewarded the agents who had Superior performance in 2015. These honors and trophies inspire all of us, CANNY and all Partners, to make persistent efforts and achieve more in 2016.

    During the conference, we enjoyed special ethnic culture in Xishuangbanna, exchanged ideas and share the happiness of success in appreciation dinner.

    Thank a lot for great efforts and contributions from all our agents.

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