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CANNY Elevator Participated in the 2016 Egypt International Elevator Exhibition
Author:CANNY   Published:2016-02-04  Read:1957

At the beginning of the New Year, CANNY neverstops the pace of developing international market. From January 21 to January 24, CANNY Elevator international business team came to Cairo, Egypt to participate in the 2016 Egypt International Elevator Exhibition starting the significant chapter for developing the overseas market in 2016.


Egypt is a country with the largest population in the Middle Eastand the second most populous nation in Africa. It has a leading position in economy and technology in Africa. Its investment of infrastructure construction increases fast and the demand of elevators grow sharply. The Egypt International Elevator Exhibition is one of the biggest exhibitions in the Middle East and Africa for technical exchange in elevator and escalator industry. The exhibition unprecedentedly attracted hundreds of companies from local and different foreign countries including China, Turkey, Germany, India, Italy, and Spain.

Egypt and the neighboring market is one of the key markets for CANNY to explore. CANNY Elevator has actively prepared for the exhibition and the elaborately designed booth became oneof the most dazzling stands among the enterprises: the world's highest 288-meter testing tower, the marketing network across the world, overseas classic projects. All these have attracted many new and old customers to come and negotiate.


  Now, CANNY products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, setting up sales and service agent network in 49 countries and regions. The overseas sales performance increases rapidly over the years. CANNY Elevator will accelerate the establishment of global marketing service system and actively participate in implementing the national strategy of “the Belt and Road”. In future, CANNY will accelerate the pace to integrate into the world economy based on the blueprint of creating international brand. Through this exhibition, CANNY further improved its international influence and will stride ahead towards the internationally well-known world brand.

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