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Chairman Wang Youlin attended the 2015 APEC Business Leaders' Summit
Author:CANNY   Published:2015-11-26  Read:1752

      During November 16-18 of 2015, Chairman Wang Youlin was invited to join the 2015 APEC Business Leaders' Summit in Manila, Philippine capital, to witness the President Xi Jinping`s keynote speech of "Seek sustained development, build the Asia-pacific dream". With the attending meeting leaders and the entrepreneurs, they discussed and communicated how to found a new economic growth point and to promote economic cooperation.

      During November 16-17, Chairman Wang and more than 800 Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs consulted to "focus on a new global environment", "focus on innovation and entrepreneurship", "focus on the Asia Pacific economic growth", "focus on the human capital", "focus on inclusive growth and dynamic construction", "focus on city", " focus on trade “such issues, injected new ideas to the economic growth in the Asia-pacific region. During the meeting, Chairman Wang, participant Alibaba chairman Jack Ma and other more than 90 domestic entrepreneurs carried on the thorough exchange. He also met with Xu Shaoshi, the director of the national development and reform commission (NDRC), Jiang Zengwei ,China international chamber of commerce cordial and other leaders.

      After the meeting Chairman Wang said, "Although the APEC summit trip is in a hurry, but the harvest is very big, the feel is really deep. Jumping out of the industry, out of the enterprise, I enhanced the confidence, touched the concept and found the gap, more determined to establish the enterprise in the future in the creation, intelligence and the pace of internationalization. This meeting helped CANNY open international vision. Based on the global resource strategy, CANNY accumulated high-end resources, gained faith to go to the international stage "!

      Chairman Wang pointed out that CANNY will continue to accelerate changing from the manufacturing to the service-oriented manufacturing through independent innovation, scientific& technological innovation and product innovation, from the speed type to the quality, efficiency type, from the domestic brand to the global brand.

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