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CANNY Elevator shows China's brand image in New York's Times Square
Author:CANNY   Published:2015-11-23  Read:1868

     On the 66 anniversary of New China, as the only brand in Chinese elevator industry selected, CANNY Elevator teams up with Haier, Huawei, Mengniu and TCL etc, who are the leading representative enterprises of their own industry. "66 Chinese Brands to the world" of Chinese outstanding enterprises has a collective appearance at New York's Times Square, shows a unique charm of Chinese brands to the world!

     New York's Times Square is the world's most high-profile core business location with 450 million visitors a year, known as "the crossroads of the world".  Its outdoor screen advertising is also known as the world's top brand show, which attracts world’s most attention and is one of the best windows. The 66 Chinese brands are in New York's most golden outdoor screen of Times Square, the enterprise`s English and Chinese version image displays 24-hour uninterrupted. This largest ever Chinese corporate image exhibition in Times Squaremakes Chinese companies standing in the global business highland; collective appearance ofTimes Square highlights the Chinese enterprise international image and strength. This tells the world that "Let the world enjoy Chinese brands"!

     CANNY Elevator, as the only elevator brand in China at Times Square of New York, shows the Chinese elevator brand’s ambition and strength to go into the international market. Set up 17 years ago, CANNY Elevator has created many first in the history of the development of China's elevator industry: in 2010, the company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange (stock code: 002367), the elevator industry's first listed company in China; in 2010 CANNY successfully developed domestic first with independent intellectual property rights of 7 m/s high speed elevator; in 2011, the first domestic industry enterprise technology center was recognized by the state; From 2005 to 2013, for nine consecutive years "CANNY" was ranked NO.1 in market products of domestic brands; CANNY is building the 288-meter world’s highest elevator testing tower, which can test the 21 m/s ultra-high speed elevator, the external platform can test 50-meter-high escalators...

     Making the Chinese brand "Go global, face the world," at present, CANNY Elevator has been exported to more than 100 countries and regions, and has established long-term agents and marketing network in 48 countries. In Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, CANNY export business continued to rise for years, and has won success many times in Europe, America and other developed overseas markets with international brand elevators. This further reveals CANNY Elevator’s strategic objective of "World brand, leading in China". CANNY Elevator’s overseas strategy has been confirmed by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, "You have to go out and develop the overseas markets, overseas markets need such equipment manufacturing enterprise as you". CANNY Elevator will create the global marketing service system, expand the overseas market, accelerate the expansion path of globalization and stride ahead towards the internationally well-known world brand.

     Elevators lift your dreams, under the background of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing industry, and embracing the world for Chinese brands, CANNY Elevator, an elevator national brand specialist, will become an internationally competitive comprehensive elevator manufacturer and brand operator. With the "CANNY Dream” guidance, CANNY will be constantly writing a new chapter which belongs to CANNY Elevator!

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