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    Large scale and industrialized strategic pattern


     CANNY has built a large scale and industrialized strategic pattern with business in complete appliance and components, including CANNY Elevator Wujiang Core Components Industrial Park, Chengdu CANNY Energy-saving Elevator Industrial Park and Pearl River Delta Elevator Industrial Park.

Headquarter Industrial Park / Wujiang Core Components Industrial Park

Headquarter Industrial Park


       The Headquarters Industrial Park of CANNY Elevator keeps on improving its pattern during expansion. At present, the area of the Headquarters Industrial Park is over 280 thousand square meters, and has the largest Escalator Production Workshop in Asia and even the world; a 288-meter-high elevator test tower, which is the highest in the world, is under construction in the Industrial Park. CANNY Elevator Headquarter Industrial Park has six centers, which are Product Development Center, Elevator Manufacturing Center, Escalator Manufacturing Center, spare parts Manufacturing Center, Logistics Distribution Center, and Headquarters Building respectively. It has introduced two SALVAGNINI Flexible Production Lines, and a complete set of advanced world-level modern manufacturing equipment, has powerful strength in the independent design, development and mass production of various types of elevators and escalators, leading the new trend of elevator technology development.

Wujiang Core Components Industrial Park


       In October 2012, the construction of CANNY Elevator Wujiang Core Components Industrial Park officially started. The Industrial Park is located in FOHO New&Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Wujiang, with a total investment of about 1.5 billion yuan and a total area of 533,000 square meters.


Guangdong CANNY Elevator Industrial Park

Guangdong CANNY Elevator Industrial Park with an area of 126,200 square meters mainly engages in production, research and development, sales, installation and maintenance of complete appliance and components of the elevator.

Chengdu CANNY Elevator Energy-saving Elevator Industrial Park

Chengdu CANNY Elevator Energy-saving Elevator Industrial Park covers a total area 472,900 square meters. The Phase-I Project covering an area of 310 acres is expected to build 80,000 square meters plant, including elevator and escalator plants with 40,000 square meters respectively. The height of the plants reach 15 meters and a 6.5-meter-high air corridor connects two plants. The modern, intelligent and environmentally friendly characteristics are fully reflected in the plant.




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